About us

We are Venor. We hunt the winning streak in you. We pursue you in your discovery of success as you can choose from a plethora of activities to participate in.

Who we are

We are people from different corners with diverse skills and experiences from the areas of Design, Technology, Career Counselling and Education. What brings us together is the unflinching belief that all of us have some unique talent that makes us stand apart from the rest. We are here to create avenues and lay out the ground for you to express yourself, in your own distinctive way, and win the limelight and that you rightfully deserve.

What we do

We create opportunities for you to try your hand at a wide range of activities and creative pursuits and compete with others to earn appreciation and win prizes. We do this by organising online competitions in various areas of interest. Look out for the one which sparks your curiosity and ignites the fire within you to create.
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